Vatsalya International School is a co-educational, day-boarding cum residential school affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, which aims at the transformation of students into the catalysts of moral, social, spiritual and intellectual transformation of the society, imbued with the spirit of selfless service to humanity. The school envisages a thorough metamorphosis of its pupils into worthy citizens of this great nation. The school plans to achieve this objective through pursuing with impassioned zeal, its much cherished core values that includes

  • Comprehensive development of children with special emphasis on ratiocination and lateral thinking
  • Indoctrinate a rational approach to meet with any unforeseen challenges of life
  • Futuristic techniques of imparting education and instilling the value systems
  • Developing balanced human beings having preeminent qualities of moral, physical, spiritual and intellectual credentials.


  • shreeviemsorg@yahoo.co.in
  • principalvatsalya@gmail.com
  • +91 84696 15005
  • +91 81287 89673
    • Vatsalya International School
    • Near Anand Chowkdi, Dharmraj Road
    • Borsad-388540 District: Anand
    • Gujarat-INDIA