Admission Procedure


The admission procedure begins from the month of February. Interested parents are requested to approach the school's office and purchase the admission prospectus with the registration form.
Parents are requested to read all the norms specified by the institution in the Admission Application Form for better flexibility and further official processing.

(A) Instructions for Registration and Admission

  • Registration does not guarantee admission. It ensures that the registered students will be considered for admission whenever there is a suitable vacancy and will be called for a test at an appropriate time. The school reserves absolute discretion in the matter of admission.
  • The decision with regard to admission will be made on the basis of a candidate's performance in the aptitude test, written test and interview with the Principal.
  • The tests are designed keeping in view the scholastic level of that particular standard and age group. The school's decision with regard to suitability for admission must be accepted as final. The school reserves the right to refuse admission without showing any cause or giving any explanation for its refusal.
  • The minimum age for admission to Nursery is 3 years as on the 1st of April of the current academic year. The minimum age for admission to all other classes will be on the basis of this criterion.
  • Upon confirmation of admission following details are essential:
    • Duly filled and signed application for admission [from the office].
    • If a child has migrated from other board / district / state, he/she has to produce Leaving Certificate duly countersigned by the concerned District Education Officer.
    • Two recent passport size photographs.
    • True copy (attested) of birth certificate.
    • Photo copy of last report card.
    • Need to pay fees in the school office as suggested.
  • Approval of admission will be only after a child undergoes an entrance test and qualify.
  • The confirmation of admission will be solely on the basis of the submission of the documents mentioned in point number 5.
  • The school management reserves all rights to terminate or cancel the admission of a child on genuine reasons.

(B) Rules for Withdrawal/ Termination

  • Notice for withdrawal of a student must be submitted at least a month in advance.
  • In case of withdrawal during the middle of the academic year from the school or from boarding, leaving certificate will be issued only after obtaining clearance as per the school's norms from the school's administration.
  • A student may be debarred or terminated from the school:
    • if co-operation from the parent is lacking in matters of discipline and /or of regular payments of fees.
    • for unsatisfactory behaviour
    • for persistent irregularity in attendance
    • if his / her presence is not conducive to the welfare of the school community.
  • If any child is shifted from the boarding to a day student, the parents must pay the entire year's fees as a new student (including deposits). Such students from boarding must also pay fee for 2(two) more months in addition to the number of months stayed at our boarding along with the school fee as a day student.
  • A child will not be entertained in the classroom once the leaving certificate is issued.
  • It is clearly notified to parents that if a student by chance after admission and completion of all relevant formalities has to leave school for some unavoidable reason before/after the actual commencement of the school term he/she will not be entitled to get refund of any fees, for any reason whatsoever.

(C ) General Instructions to Parents

  • Parents must pay the school dues in time.
  • The children should be punctual and regular at all times.
  • Parents will not visit the classrooms and meet teachers during the school academic time. They must report to the school office for any exigency/emergency.
  • Parents can meet the class and subject teachers on Saturday between 1:30 pm. and 2:30 pm. for urgent inquires, the parents can meet the teachers between 4:00 pm. and 4:30 pm. after prior appointment on any day except Saturdays and Sundays.
  • It is compulsory for the children to remain present on the day of reopening of school after a holiday / short break/ vacation. In case a child fails to do so then a fine should be paid by him/her as per the norms of the school.
  • Valuable/costly ornaments or any other electronic gadgets are not allowed in the School. The management will not be responsible for the loss of any valuable ornaments or articles.
  • Apart from academics, students are expected to participate in the following activities:
    • Picnic /Tour
    • Sports / PT
    • Cultural activities
  • To provide a mobile number (without DND activation) to the school office in order to receive circulars by SMS.


  • Extreme care is taken by the institution to avoid any untoward incident during normal activities of the institution. In spite of this, in case of any mishap, the institution will not be responsible in any manner whatsoever.
  • First aid treatment will be given in the school. For any major injuries/sickness, parents have to bear the expenses if the child is taken to hospital in any case.

(E) Attendance & Leave Policy

  • Students must be regular to school.
  • Students are expected to be ready at their respective bus pick-up points so as to reach school on time.
  • Leave will be granted to students very sparingly, for something unavoidable or for a urgent social obligations.
  • No leave will be granted during examinations except a grave medical reason.
  • If a child offers a lame excuse to abstain from school, the parents should coax the child into attending school.
  • A prior permission is mandatory for taking leave.
  • If, however, due to some genuine reason / reasons, such permission cannot be obtained, then, the parents should send a leave note or a medical certificate with the child on the day the child reports to school after leave.
  • Parents should send a leave note or a medical certificate if the child remains absent for one or two days.
  • No long leave (i. e. leave for more than two working days) will be granted except for reasons of sickness. In such a case submission of a medical certificate by the student is mandatory.
  • Failure to produce a leave note or a medical certificate as the case may be on the day of reporting to school {see point (7) above} will make the student liable to a fine of Rs. 100/- per day for every day till the day of reporting.
  • If a student absents himself/herself on the first working day after a long vacation (Diwali vacation, summer vacation etc.) without prior permission / intimation, such absence will render the student liable to a fine of Rs. 200/- per day for every day of such unauthorized absence.
  • A child who absents himself / herself for more than twelve consecutive days without prior permission will be barred from participating in the various competitions conducted by the school. Also, such irregularity in attendance will be commented upon in his / her result sheet.
  • Students are advised to avoid taking leave on frivolous grounds such as common place family functions, felicitations of relatives / friends, etc.


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