Student Council


Students' Council is composed of Head Boy, Head Girl, Vice Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, Sports Captain and a large body of Prefects chosen from the four houses. They receive apt guidance from the House Conveners in the discharge of their duties. The higher officials are chosen from the secondary classes. However Vatsalya also has a junior prefect's body to inculcate the spirit of leadership in the students at an early age. The Student Council helps to promote school spirit and unity and also has the aim of producing student leaders with the potential to embark on dynamic leadership roles.

S.No Designation Name of Member
1 Head Boy Patel Kishan Ajay [XII A]
2 Head Girl Rana Krishna Pareshkumar [XII B]
3 Vice Head Boy Ghodakiya Nisit Gordhanbhai [XII A]
4 Vice Head Girl Patel Srushti Manish [XII A]
5 Games Captain Patel Het Miteshbhai [XII C]
6 Vice Games Captain Patel Hastiben Mineshbhai [XI C]
7 Boarding Head Boy Patel Jenish Ankitkumar [XII C]
8 Boarding Head Girl Rai Shivani Pratik [XII B]
9 Boarding Vice Head Boy Vaghasiya Utsav Sureshbhai [XII B]
House Name of the student
jupiter Patel Jay Kalpeshkumar [XI C] Sr. Captain]
jupiter Gajipara Varsh Ghanshyambhai [XI A]
jupiter Gohil Jayrajsinh Shailendrasinh [X A]
jupiter Surani Kunj Dilipbhai [X C]
jupiter Donga Radhen Alpeshbhai
mars Mahida Rajvirsinh Hemchandrasinh [XI C] [Sr. Captain]
mars Patel Pranav Pankajkumar [XI A]
mars Kothiya Krishna Kiritbhai [X B]
mars Patel Harshal Bhaveshbhai [X C]
mars Sathiraju Sesha Sai Pranav Eswarkumar [IX C]
neptune Patel Jay Pravinbhai [XI C] [Sr. Captain]
neptune Biswas Bibekanand Ashokkumar [XI B]
neptune Jiyani Heet Hareshbhai [X A]
neptune Patel Fenil Jigneshbhai [X B]
neptune Valand Jaydeep Dipeshkumar [IX C]
venus Gohil Jayvirsinh Virendrasinh [XI C] [Sr. Captain]
venus Patel Dhyan Parenkumar [XI A]
venus Patel Mahim Bhaveshkumar [X A]
venus Patel Shreekumar Amitkumar [X A]
venus Panjabi Vats Ritesh [IX B]
House Name of the student
jupiter Patel Vrunda Mukeshbhai [XI A] [Sr. Captain]
jupiter Patel Jiya Rajeshkumar [XI A]
jupiter Joshi Priya Dharmeshkumar [X C]
jupiter Patel Aesha Chiragbhai [X C]
jupiter Patel Dhruviben Chiragkumar [IX C]
mars Patel Nidhi Kamleshkumar [XI B] [Sr. Captain]
mars Patel Naiya Jatinkumar [XI B]
mars Patel Ishika Dineshbhai [X C]
mars Patel Jiya Amitkumar [X C]
mars Trivedi Mishwa Nileshkumar [IX B]
neptune Thakkar Heli Bhavinkumar [XI C] [Sr. Captain]
neptune Patel Neeti Alkeshkumar [X C]
neptune Patel Dhwani Chetankumar [X C]
neptune Patel Vidhi Jitendrakumar [X C]
neptune Patel Grisha Alpeshkumar [IX A]
venus Patel Mahi Subhakarbhai [XI C] [Sr. Captain]
venus Suthar Prachi Shaileshkumar [X B]
venus Shah Vaishnavi Niravbhai [X C]
venus Rana Harshita Jitendrakumar [X A]
venus Sarangi Shivangi Sudhirkumar [IX C]
House Name of the student
jupiter Shah Dhwanit Miteshkumar [VII A]
mars Patel Pratham Dharmeshbhai [VII B]
neptune Rai Aditya Pratik [VII C]
venus Patel Shreeji Dixitkumar [VII A]
House Name of the student
jupiter Patel Siya Rajeshkumar [VII B]
mars Patel Hiya Mehulkumar [VII B]
neptune Patel Diya Nayaneshkumar [VII B]
venus Patel Krisha Gurubhai [VII C]


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