Student Council


Students' Council is composed of Head Boy, Head Girl, Vice Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, Sports Captain and a large body of Prefects chosen from the four houses. They receive apt guidance from the House Conveners in the discharge of their duties. The higher officials are chosen from the secondary classes. However Vatsalya also has a junior prefect's body to inculcate the spirit of leadership in the students at an early age. The Student Council helps to promote school spirit and unity and also has the aim of producing student leaders with the potential to embark on dynamic leadership roles.

S.No Designation Name of Member
1 Head Boy Pagdhar Darshan [XII A]
2 Head Girl Patel Disha R [XII B]
3 Vice Head Boy Radadiya Vaibhav [XII B]
4 Vice Head Girl Sojitra Vrunda [XII A]
5 Games Captain Aher Aditya Vijay [XI B]
House Name of the student
jupiter Patel Raj J [X B]
jupiter Patel Vrund M {X C]
mars Patel Meet D [XI A]
mars Serpes Nathan Osborne [X C]
neptune Pathan Adnan S [X C]
neptune Jadav Rajveer
venus Sharma Aditya [XI A]
venus Patel Deep K [XI A]
House Name of the student
jupiter Pandey Shraddha Vijaynarayan [XI B]
jupiter Patel Disha K [X C]
mars Patel Dhruvisha [X A]
mars Shah Divya [XI A]
neptune Bhatt Vidhi K
neptune Patel Prexa [XI A]
venus Patel Shraddha [XI A]
venus Patel Mahi V
House Name of the student
jupiter Patel Parth J [VII A]
jupiter Patel Deep M [VII C]
mars Gohil Satyapal Indravijaysinh [VI C]
mars Kachiya Rachitkumar Samirbhai [VII B]
neptune Patel Vivek R [VI A]
neptune Rana Aayush D [VII A]
venus Solanki Om [VII C]
venus Solanki Rajdeep [VII C]
House Name of the student
jupiter Patel Dhruvisha R [VII B]
jupiter Patel Mitsu [VII C]
mars Patle Tanvi [VII A]
mars Patel Isha H [VI B]
neptune Patel Priyanshi (VII C]
neptune Gohil Yatriba [VII A]
venus Patel Prachi [VII A]
venus Patel Niyati N {VII A]


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