Founder Day’s Celebration 2018-19

2, Aug 2018

Vatsalya International School, Borsad celebrated ‘Founders Day’ on 7th July 2018 to show our gratitude toward The Founder Fathers of the school. This day also happens to be the birthday of our Managing Trustee Revered Balswarupdasjee.
The event was diligently organized. There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. Inter house competitions were held for various groups to showcase the talents our students are thriving with because of the efforts put in by the Founders of this school. It began with a dance performance by the Pre-Primary Section followed by a dance competition by the junior group, a skit competition by the middles and a mime competition by the senior group. It was healthy and a fair competition.
“Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose.’ Though all the groups gave a brilliant performance but the star house for the day was “The Neptune House’ followed by the Venus House bagging the second position.
The students paid their reverence and heartfelt gratitude to their teachers and left a message for the society to extirpate the existing evil from our societies and let children bloom in healthy atmosphere under the care of teachers.

Saurav Kumar Sinha (Teacher In-Charge)


16, Jul 2018

A highly informative, interactive and activity based orientation workshop was conducted on 29th June 2018 in the school premises under the able guidance of Mrs. Selva Sekar for girl parents. The girl students of 5th to 11th grade with their respective mothers participated in the orientation programme ‘ ART OF PARENTING’. The aim of the programme was to develop a better understanding about girl child problems and enhance the mother daughter bond. Workshop highlighted the traits which mothers should develop in their girl child, such as kindness, compassion, honesty, respectfulness, tolerance, patience, Stress Management, honesty and unconditional love.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Thakur


7, May 2018

Yoga brings peace, harmony, happiness and success to every soul in the world
21ST JUNE,2018.
Vatsalya International School, Borsad celebrated 4th International Yoga Day in the school premises on June 21, 2018. The school organised mass yoga demonstration for the boarding students. The main aim was to raise awareness and ignite a passion for fitness and yoga among the students. In the present day when students face stress, tension, fear, etc., simple asanas can help dispel these. Boarders demonstrated different asanas in inter house yoga competition like, Vrikshasana, Parvatasana, Padmasana, Vajrasana under the guidance of yoga instructors and PTIs’. The main attraction of the day was the performance of Suryanamaskar for which co-ordination of body and mind is very important. The Principal highlighted many benefits of early rising and practicing yoga in a student’s life. He said that Yoga provides mental and physical strength to people. It enables us to live a healthy life. Thus, he urged the children to practice Yoga which will help create overall harmony of body and mind.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Thakur

‘127th AMBEDKAR JAYANTI’ Celebrations – 2018

16, Apr 2018

To mark the 127th birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar, Vatsalya students put up a short programme on April 14, 2018 during assembly, highlighting the life and works of Dr. B.R. Ambedakar.
Class 8th students of Vatsalya International School, Borsad, spoke and enacted in brief about Dr. B R Ambedkar . In their speech and enactment, they cited about Dr. Ambedkars’ birth, schooling, struggle and his contribution in the framing of our Indian Constitution and also its application which is our future responsibility. The programme ended with the message which was bold and clear that “One need not be born into great and influential families but with goal, hard work and responsibilities one can become great”, taking the example of our very own Dr. B R Ambedkar.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Thakur


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