Student Council


Students' Council is composed of Head Boy, Head Girl, Vice Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, Sports Captain and a large body of Prefects chosen from the four houses. They receive apt guidance from the House Conveners in the discharge of their duties. The higher officials are chosen from the secondary classes. However Vatsalya also has a junior prefect's body to inculcate the spirit of leadership in the students at an early age. The Student Council helps to promote school spirit and unity and also has the aim of producing student leaders with the potential to embark on dynamic leadership roles.

S.No Designation Name of Member
1 Head Boy Patel Raj J [XII C]
2 Head Girl Bhatt Vidhi K [XII A]
3 Vice Head Boy Shah Sagar A [XI A]
4 Vice Head Girl Patel Khushi P [XI B]
5 Games Captain Shah Hritik R [XII A]
House Name of the student
jupiter Jabwani Aniket [XI - A, Vice Captain]
jupiter Patel Dhruv N [XI - B]
mars Patel Zeelkumar M [X - B, Vice Captain]
mars Patel Nikhil N [XI - C]
neptune Patel Dharmik B [X - B, Vice Captain]
neptune Patle Yatin G. [XI - C]
venus Patel Deval P [XI - A, Vice Captain]
venus Patel Tarang J [X - B]
House Name of the student
jupiter Patel Hinal J [XI - B, Captain]
jupiter Patel Prinal Alpeshbhai [X - B]
mars Prajapati Twinkle S [XI - B, Captain]
mars Patel Zalak H [X - B]
neptune Vaid Shikha Y [XI - B, Captain]
neptune Sharda Neha G [X - A]
venus Patel Vidhi J [XI - B, Captain]
venus Acharya Sanskruti A [X - B]
House Name of the student
jupiter Maheshwari Dhiraj K [VII - C]
mars Patel Vansh N [VII - B]
neptune Shah Devarsh R [VII - A]
venus Patel Dev R [VII - C]
House Name of the student
jupiter Patel Nainsi P [VII - A]
mars Patel Arya M [VII - A]
neptune Patel Vaishnavi H [VII - A]
venus Shah Yashvi J [VII - A]


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